Secret Hitler Overview

This project was simple enough to not warrant a series of update blog posts.

The only trouble I had was getting OpenSCAD to output files suitable for multi material prints.

Eventually my solution was to:

  1. Export a .stl file containing only the stand with a negative space with the text
  2. Export a .stl file containing only the text. This should fit in the exact same spot as the negative.
  3. Select both of these and import them into PrusaSlicer together. Select that you want to import these .stl as a single object.
  4. Repeat for every bit name tag you want to make.

This is better documented in the OpenSCAD file in the github repo. There may be a better way but at the time of creation there was no easy way I could find.

This was my first multi material/color print. Yay!

A quick multi material 3d print project I put together for a friend. These are used in the VERY fun (and freely available) Secret Hitler Game. If you like the game I would encourage you to support the creators by purchasing a pre printed card set from them.

Download Locations

  1. Plaques at Prusa Printers
  2. Plaques at MyMiniFactory
  3. Plaques at Thingiverse

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