Open Nutrient Lattice Overview

The eventual Goal is to create a low cost system that produces enough food to feed one person for one week every two weeks without any human interaction. This is going to be done via automation, micro greens and horizontally scaling production strategies.

Presently work is being done on a test jig. This way we can make rapid progress on solving the fundamental problems of mediumless, automated food harvesting. Right now we are testing with a micro green approach

This list is neither comprehensive nor complete. New problems may be added as they are encountered.

Fundamental Problems

State of Things

After MUCH testing I am happy to say that version 0.0.20 is a good candidate that solidly solves all of the water and root issues. I plan on using this as a foundation to work forward from.

The only issue I noticed was that after 3 weeks there was a small drip level leak from the growth bed. I plan on spraying the exterior with polyurethane to stop this.

Next Steps

  1. Buy UV leds and design water sterilisation rig
  2. Design and print detritus water filter. (Manual for now)
  3. Design automated "combing" harvest system

Harvest System

I will 3d print a basic harvest "comb" This should be controlled by a stepper motor. For now I will use an ESP32 with micropython to manage the combing.

All of this will me managed from the support tray. :D


Images Downloads, Etc. Open Nutrient Lattice on Github

Build Instructions


Message Me and I will be glad to step you threw.